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Using Machine Learning

Fly Fraud is as simple as then you think

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Just send an request and get fraud result in real time without any fee and complicated flows

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Machine Learning

Fraud never been easy to catch till now. Our robots scans all history and realting the transaction details to catch fraud attemps in real time

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Powerful and Custome Rule Enabled

Fly Fraud can be costumize based on your needs to make it more proactivty. You may also let us know your specific rules to enable it.

Quick & Easy to Use Fly Fraud

Fly Fraud open to everyone and it's quick and easy to get realtime fraud score. You may get the fraud score before sending request to bank. Once you have recieved fraud score, you can declined payment transaction request to redirect customer to 3D Secure page to verify it's card.

    "orderId": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "customerId": "string",
    "customerName": "string",
    "phone": "string",
    "customVal1": "string",
    "customVal2": "string",
    "customVal3": "string",
    "tcknVkn": "string",
    "totalAmount": 100,
    "currency": "TRY",
    "cardHolderName": "string",
    "bin": "428220",
    "lastFour": "2020",
    "lastMonth": 12,
    "lastYear": 2024,
    "use3DSecure": 1,
    "installmentCount": 0,
    "processType": "sales",
    "productName": "string",
    "category1": "string",
    "category2": "string",
    "category3": "string",
    "quantity": 1,
    "unitPrice": 100,
    "deliverName": "string",
    "deliverCountry": "TR",
    "deliverCity": "istanbul",
    "deliverTown": "eyüp",
    "deliverDistrict": "eyüp",
    "deliverAddress": "ahmet rasit caddesi",
    "deliverPostalCode": "06930",
    "invoiceName": "string",
    "invoiceCountry": "TR",
    "invoiceCity": "istanbul",
    "invoiceTown": "eyüp",
    "invoiceDistrict": "eyüp",
    "invoiceAddress": "ahmet rasit caddesi",
    "invoicePostalCode": "06930",
    "notificationUrl": "string",
    "clientIp": "string",
    "clientUserAgent": "string",
    "clientInfo": "string"

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Increase revenue at every step of the eCommerce path to purchase. Our full suite of conversion-oriented products recaptures good revenue and prevents losses at every stage of the online path to purchase – from account login to payment authorization to checkout and even post decline.


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